HOPA Special Creations provide the best of what the House has to deliver - a beautiful and complete shave ice offering featuring a winning combination of flavors and toppings.

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HOPA Shave Ice - Classic Rainbow
Our most popular flavors and toppings all together in one bowl of...
HOPA Shave Ice - Uji Kintoki
Named after Uji, a city in Kyoto, Japan with 1000+ years of...
HOPA Shave Ice - Strawberry Dream
Simply let yourself drift away into a delightful, delicious, and creamy strawberry...
HOPA Shave Ice - Choco Coco Paradise
Transport yourself to a heavenly paradise island of coconut trees, cacao palms,...
HOPA Shave Ice - Hawaiian Superman
Strawberry Li hing syrups, soaked with dream sauce, and drizzled with all-natural...
HOPA Shave Ice - Pina Colada
Your classic piña colada made in shave ice style!
HOPA Shave Ice - Tropical Delight
Savor a trio of ono island flavors for a true Hawaiian-style shave...
HOPA Shave Ice - Li Hing Lover
Let this beloved local flavor take your taste buds on a sweet,...
HOPA Shave Ice - The Ultimate
The most loaded shave ice one can possibly enjoy at HOPA.  'Nuff...