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It’s not just any ‘ol shave ice, and it’s far from a snow cone.  It’s HOPA Shave Ice–all-natural, homemade, local–a taste of Pure Aloha in a bowl.

HOPA takes pride in handcrafting Hawaii’s most iconic snack to culinary perfection without any artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives.



Make your shave ice (there’s no “d” in Hawaiian style “shave” ice) exactly how you like it. First, choose from a dozen all-natural homemade flavors. Then, top your shave ice off with any yummy toppings you desire!  Or to save time and take out the tough decisions, just order one of Our Special Creations!

We aim to keep our menu simple, yet fresh and exciting, and always ono & all-natural!  Stay on top of HOPA’s flavors by visiting this page.  We’re constantly developing new culinarily-creative syrups and toppings – you very well might find a new favorite!


Current Menu:


Monthly Specials (rotates throughout the year) | SWEET POTATO * COFFEE * HOPA SUNSHINEVANILLA BEAN * HORCHATA * MORE TO COME!

Toppings | Tropical Dreams Ice Cream (Tahitian Vanilla + 1 Special) * HOPA Homemade Mochi * Azuki Beans * Fresh Strawberry * Fresh Pineapple * Dream Sauce * All-Natural Li Hing Powder