It’s not just any ‘ol shave ice (there’s no “d” in Hawaiian style “shave” ice), and it’s far from a snow cone.  It’s HOPA Shave Ice – all-natural, homemade, local–a taste of Pure Aloha in a bowl.

HOPA takes pride in handcrafting Hawaii’s most iconic snack to culinary perfection without any artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives.  Every one of our all-natural homemade flavors is freshly created in-house in small batches.

Our goal is to make your shave ice exactly how you like it. Most guests pick one of Our Special Creations to enjoy – it’s a surefire way to taste the best of what HOPA has to offer.  Other guests like to exercise some creativity and take the “Create-Your-Own” option by mixing and matching flavors and toppings.




We aim to keep our menu simple, yet fresh and exciting, and always ono & all-natural!  Stay on top of HOPA’s flavors by visiting this page.  We’re constantly developing new culinarily-creative syrups and toppings – you very well might find a new favorite!

Current Menu (2015):


Monthly Specials (rotates throughout the year) | SWEET POTATO * COFFEE * HOPA SUNSHINEVANILLA BEAN * HORCHATA * MORE TO COME!

Toppings | Tropical Dreams Ice Cream (Tahitian Vanilla, Chocolate, and Rotating Special) * HOPA Homemade Mochi * Azuki Beans * Fresh Strawberries * Fresh Pineapples * Dream Sauce * All-Natural Li Hing Powder * Chocolate Chips * Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
























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