Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha is built upon foundation of vision, mission, and values.  The following original documents have guided our past and will direct all of our future actions and efforts.


Our Vision
Our entire one world ohana connected, heart-to-heart, through Pure Aloha.

Our Mission
To inspire a movement of Pure Aloha
within one person, one relationship, one community at a time.

We do this by working together to create Hawaiian treat shops
where every single person who enters is truly treated as ohana
and original all-natural shave ice is crafted for pure enjoyment.

The Pure Aloha Oath
A personal commitment to living Pure Aloha
to be the Pure Aloha change.

Living the “Pure Aloha Way”
Embracing a lifestyle based on six core values
of love, peace, self-discovery, belief, humility, and effort.