2) Become an Ambassador

Do you want to rise to the next level of living Pure Aloha? Then consider becoming an Ambassador of Pure Aloha (APA)!

To become an APA, you need to demonstrate your sincere intention and ability to consciously and consistently live Pure Aloha.

Once you become an Ambassador of Pure Aloha, you are inducted into a committed group of fellow HOPA APAs dedicated to living Pure Aloha on a daily basis.  As a HOPA APA, you will receive the benefits of:

  1. Opportunities to participate in Pure Aloha-related and HOPA-related special gatherings, service projects, and initiatives
  2. Periodic HOPA gifts, giveaways, and exclusive APA communications
  3. Supportive fellowship and new meaningful friendships from APA community

If you are ready to become an Ambassador of Pure Aloha, then take the following steps:

1) Read and reflect on the seven core values in Living “The Pure Aloha Way”.

2) Take action!  Live your life with an awareness and intention to live Pure Aloha.  Click the following for examples of Pure Aloha action ideas*.

3) Share your Pure Aloha stories.  Using the online form below, please share 2-3 experiences of living Pure Aloha.  Please also be ready to tell us why you are ready to begin your journey as an Ambassador of Pure Aloha.

4) Submit your info and stories to become an Ambassador of Pure Aloha.  Then, we’ll follow up with you!

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