About Us

At the House of Pure Aloha, there are no strangers – only ohana yet to be met.

Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha, also known as “HOPA”, is a Hawaiian treat shop where you can enjoy all-natural homemade shave ice and other delicious treats, a social enterprise out to make a difference in the world, but most importantly a welcoming house for all, to come together as ohana and authentically experience Pure Aloha and the real magic and beauty of Hawaii.

Our story is about a simple childhood dream transformed into an important life calling: to inspire a worldwide movement of Pure Aloha – one shave ice at a time.

Over a half century ago, a young little boy named Clay would visit his neighborhood’s candy shop, and every time without hesitation say, “I wanna own this store one day!”  Over four decades later, Clay’s dream was still alive. So he finally trusted his heart and leapt.  In 1996, Clay turned his childhood dream into reality and became the fourth proprietor of “Doe Fang” in Aina Haina Shopping Center.



For fourteen years, seven days a week, Clay served with all his heart.  He sold his popular “Magic ICEEs” and crack seed treats, but always realized there was something deeper happening.  Something profoundly simple yet powerful: the sharing of Pure Aloha through serving every single guest, no matter their background, as family.  Quickly, Clay became affectionately known to everyone as “Uncle Clay”.  What was once an ordinary candy store was now a place where thousands upon thousands from across the globe found friendship, love, inspiration, and peace.



Still, business was tough.  But Uncle Clay kept persevering.  One by one, he let go of his personal worldly goods in order to keep hold of Doe Fang.  Then in 2007,  a pivotal connection forged.  After sipping down a Hawaiian Superman ICEE while basking in the store’s Pure Aloha, Uncle Clay’s nephew, Bronson, was hit with inspiration.  He envisioned countless generations tied together in Pure Aloha tradition and experiences at the store.  He saw Hawaii fully embodied in a shop that could one day share Hawaii’s beauty, magic, and aloha in other places around the world.  This was not the end, the dream was just beginning.



Bronson added his social entrepreneurial vision as he and Uncle Clay planned, developed, and re-imagined what the store could become.  Over the next three years, they collaborated closely while Bronson finished college in Los Angeles.  Upon graduation, Bronson returned straight home to Hawaii, joined Uncle Clay as an equal partner, and together launched Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha in 2011.


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